Certificates in Construction Contracts.

28 May 2023


Certificates in Construction Contracts.


Certificates are a type of documentation which confirms a fact. However, in the construction industry, the use of certificates varies.


It is important to note that there are different certificates associated with a construction contract and the Contract Administrator is the one who issues such certificate. This write- up will detail out the different types of certificates, their functions and the time its issued.



Type of Certificate

Function of Certificate

Time of Issuance


Payment Certificate 

This is issued by the contract administrator for payment to a contractor

Issued after an interim valuation has been done by a quantity surveyor.


Final Certificate

This is to certify that all works have been completed as part of the final account.

Issued after the ratification/ defects liability period after the final account has been done by the quantity surveyor.


Non-completion certificate

This is issued to indicate the contractor has defaulted in the timeline of the project

Issued when there is a delay on the part of the contractor and the completion period for the contract has elapsed.


Sectional completion certificate

This is issued if the client/project owner wants to take possession of some part of the building in contract.

Issued when the phase of a contract has elapsed, and a part of the development is due to be handover to the client/project owner.


Practical completion certificate

This is issued to indicate that the construction contractor has finished his works and hand over to the client / project owner ahead of the ratification/defects liability period.

Issued at the completion date of a contract once the contractor keeps to his contract timeline and the building is fit for purpose where half moiety of the contractor’s retention may be released.


Certificate of making good defects

This is issued to indicate the contractor has rectified a defect during the ratification/ defects liability period 

Issued during the ratification/defects liability period to indicate that the contractor has made good of some/a part of the works which was of defect.


There are other certificates in a contract but typically in an ideal construction contract where the major construction stakeholders are involved (project owner, Contract administrator, quantity surveyor, Architect, Project Managers etc.), the above listed certificates are usually used during the contract period. 



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